BUSTED! Police Arrest Pastor for Alleged Rape, Murder in Ondo

BUSTED! Police Arrest Pastor for Alleged Rape, Murder in Ondo

. l did n’tr@pe her, ca n’t explain how she died- Pastor
A 37- time-old pastor, Kayode Salami, has been arrested by police investigators over the contended r@pe and murder of a nursing mama , Adejoke Oloje in ldanre, Ondo state.

It was learnt that the departed, left home with her 11- month-old baby in January, this time, to stay in the church where she ultimately met her early death.

She was accompanied by her kinsman, linked as Aderonke, to the church in ldanre city.

Speaking with journalists, the mama of the departed, Mrs Deborah, said her son came to visit her in ldanre, only to leave precipitously and without any notice.

Deborah said
“ I called her line to ask about her whereabouts, but she did n’t pick up her calls. So, one day, some people told me they saw her in Alade with her kinsman, Aderonke.

“ I collected Aderonke’s phone number from their grandmother and I called her, but she said Adejoke was staying in the church, not her place.

“ I called my son’s phone number and she picked it up. I asked for a description of where she was staying and she obliged me.

“ I went to the church and ultimately set up her. She complained about foodstuffs and I promised to bring some for her the following day. I also contended with her to leave the place, but she declined and I left.

“ The coming day, when I got to the church around history 5 pm, I heard her child crying profusely. So, I moved near to see what happed.

“ I met the door closed. So, I forced it open. To my utmost dismay, I set up my son on the bottom, with her pant formerly removed down her legs and I cried for help. ”

Deborah said they incontinently took her to the sanitarium where she was verified dead by the croaker in the sanitarium.

” We incontinently reported at the police station in Idanre and the bobbies swung into action and seize the pastor.

“ It's a painful story and a sad moment for our family. She was with an 11- month-old child before she met her early death. The malefactor mustn't go unpunished.

But in an interview, Pastor Salami, deniedr@ping or killing the nursing mama .

According to her
“ I knew Adejoke through her family, Aderonke. They came to my church to worship and they went home. After that day, Adejoke came back on her own to seek accommodation in the church, pending when she'd get a place to stay.

” I gave her one room out of the two apartments in the church. I didn't ask her what happed between her and her family, Aderonke.

“ There's only one door linking my room and the room was given to her to stay. So, I used to pass through her room. And I always inform her whenever I was going out or coming by.

“ We did surveillance together in the church and the coming morning, I saw her before going to work, because I'm a welder.

“ She latterly came to my place of work to charge her phone around 2 pm and came to collect it around 4 pm.

“ I make use of the room when I've programmes in the church. My family and I rented an apartment outside.

“ I didn'tr@pe her and I ca n’t explain how she failed. ”

communicated, the state police prophet Funmi Odunlami, verified the unattractive incident.

Odunlami, added that the case has been transferred to state Police headquarters in Akure for farther disquisition.

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